Lorem Ipsum Generator List

The definitive directory of lorem ipsum and placeholder text generators.

Ipsum Generator Name Description
Ancient Alien Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Filler text, Anunnaki style
Arnold IpsumDEAD Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes
As You Wish IpsumDEAD Princess Bridge Ipsum Generator
Baby Ipsum Webmaster FavoriteDEAD Googoo ipsum goo.
Bacon Ipsum A meatier lorem ipsum generator
Ballmer IpsumDEAD How much Steve Ballmer do you need?
Baseball IpsumDEAD For baseball fans
Batman Ipsum For Batman fans
Bavaria Ipsum ein bairischer Blindtext-Generator
Beck Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Mellow gold placeholder text for losers
Beer IpsumDEAD Your malty deliciousness place for fresh random ipsum text.
Bible Ipsum Placeholder text for bible thumpers
Blind Text GeneratorDEAD
Bluth Ipsum Helpful dummy text from Arrested Development
Bogan IpsumDEAD Dummy text for uneducated New Zealanders
Borat Ipsum Generator of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Brizzle Ipsum Bristolian Dialect
Bro Ipsum
Bullshit IpsumDEAD Bullshit placeholder text
Busey Ipsum Placeholder Text Generator Chock Full of Buseyisms
Business Jargon Use as filler text for small business and startup websites
Cafe Ipsum Webmaster FavoriteDEAD Clever mashup of food & beverage ipsum generators
Cajun IpsumDEAD Some Ipsum for your web page, cher!
Carl Sagan Ipsum Developer tools to fill the void of space with intelligent life
Cat Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Litter your copy with more kitty.
Catnipsum Meowest cat lorem ipsum generator on the web
Cheese Ipsum Homage to fromage
Chiquito Ipsum
Choice Bro Ipsum Fun Kiwi Ipsum Generator full of New Zealand slang, phrases and references
Choose Your Ipsum Guide to Lorem Ipsum filler text alternatives
Christian Ipsum Christianese filler text
Chuck Norris Ipsum Lorem Ipsum generator with Chuck Norris Facts
Coffee Ipsum Placeholder text with a caffeine kick
Comic Ipsum For comic book lovers
Corporate Ipsum For the needs of corporate paper-pushers everywhere
Cupcake Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Sugar-coated placeholder text
Custom Ipsum Create your own ipsum
Dalai Ipsum Quotes by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama
Delorean Ipsum Back to the Future ipsum generator
Designer Ipsum Designer placeholder text
Dingus Ipsum Words for dum-dums
Dino Ipsum Roaring dinosaur
Dino Ipsum #2 Do you like dinosaurs ?
Doctor Who Ipsum The most timey-wimey, wibbly wobbly lorel ipsum text.
Douchebag Ipsum When other lorem ispum generators aren't douchebaggy enough
Downton Ipsum Downton Abbey inspired ipsum
Drunk Ipsum A drunker lorem ipsum generator
Duck Island Greeking Machine Produces very realistic and structured output for serious professionals
Dummy Text Generator Dummy text for all layout needs
Dungeons & Dragons Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Dummy text for lazy Dungeon Masters
Durden Ipsum The first rule of durden ipsum (Fight Club)
Ebonics Ipsum Webmaster Favorite A blacker, more African-American placeholder text
Ed Balls Ipsum
Emo Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Suffering, self-absorbed placeholder text
F*cking Ipsum Why F*cking Ipsum? Well why the f*ck not!
Fashion Ipsum Give me fashion
Faux Texte Placeholder text for Frenchies
Fifty Shades Generator Erotic fiction
Fillerama Futurama theme
Fillerati Faux Latin is a Dead Language
Forcem Ipsum Star Wars
Fuck Lorem Because life's too short to stare at fake Latin
Gag Ipsum Generate lorem ipsum like a sir
Game of Ipsum Game of Thrones
Gangnam Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Gangnam style placeholder text
Gansta Lorem Ipsum Ipsum for gangster designers
Generate It It generates random (or not): text+
Get Lorem It generates random (or not): text+
Gosling Ipsum Ryan Gosling lorem ipsum text
Grimlock Ipsum Webmaster Favorite For art hipster put in design. Me, Grimlock, code design. Devour hipster.
Hacker Ipsum Lorem Ipsum for L33T HAXXORS
Hairy Lipsum Is your Latin lacking a certain rugged handsomeness?
Halloum Ipsum A cheesy Lorem Ipsum generator for Halloumi lovers
Heisenberg Ipsum Some mad text, yo - courtesy of Mr. White.
Hillbilly Ipsum
Hippie Ipsum A cold plunge into the root chakra
Hipster Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Artisanal filler text for your site or project
Hodor Ipsum Game of Thrones Hodor character
Horsebooks Ipsum
HTML Ipsum
Ipsum Generator
Ipsum.me the lorem ipsum generator for web folks
IT Crowd Ipsum Placeholder text taken from The IT Crowd
Jamaican Ipsum Ipsum taken from Bredda Anancy and the Jerk Fowl
Jawa Ipsum Javanese Language Ipsum Generator
Jobsem Ipsum For campaign websites
Jony Ipsum Jonathan Ive of Apple inspired ipsum.
Journo Ipsum For future-of-news nerds
Jurassic Ipsum Jurassic Park placeholder text
Just Lorem
Justin Bieber Ipsum Douchiest qutoes and songs lyrics
Kitten Ipsum Place holder text about cats
Kitty Ipsum Filler with more meow
Kiwi Ipsum A kiwiana themed dummy text generator, bro
Lebowski Ipsum Filler text that ties the room together
Legal Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Legal-sounding gibberish
Liquor Ipsum A stiffer lorem ipsum generator
Lord of the Rings Ipsum (LOTR) placeholder text
Lorem 2 Community generated greeking, because Lorem Ipsum is soo 1541
Lorem Gibson Based on the works of William Gibson
Lorem Ipsum (Lipsum) All the facts
Lorem Ipsum 2.0 An all-around better Lorem Ipsum experience.
Lorem Ipsum Generator
Lorem Ipsum Generator Quick and simple
Lorem Ipsum Text
Lorem Whitman Walt Whitman quotations
Loripsum.net The ipsum generator that doesn't suck
Mainer Ipsum From the great state of Maine
Malevole Guaranteed to improve even the most lacklustre of designs
Marvel Ipsum Marvel Heroes
Melbourne Ipsum For the city of Melbourne
Meta Lipsum Lipsum with meta keywords
Metaphorpsum A wise, if not slightly pedantic, generator of metaphor.
Mid-Century Ipsum Swingin' filler text for your jet-age web page
Minions Ipsum Banana language placeholder text generator.
Mitt Romney Ipsum Keep Mitt Talking
Modern Ipsum An artier lorem ipsum generator
Monocle Ipsum Bespoke filler text
Mussum Ipsum O melhor Lorem Ipsum do mundis
Newfie Ipsum Newfoundland songs & jokes
Not Lorem Ipsum Industry Based Copy for the Web
Obama Ipsum The most presidential lorem ipsum in history
Online Dating Ipsum Because most profiles are just word soup anyway
Organic Ipsum Home-grown ipsum text
Pahu! The M?ori text generator with Bang!
Palin Ipsum The ultimate dummy text generator. It's unflippinbelievable
Pan Ipsum Webmaster Favorite All your ipsum are belong to us
Pasta Ipsum For all your macaroni product lorem ipsum needs
Picksum Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Text Generator Alternative
Pirate Ipsum Try Pirate Ipsum, or walk the plank!
Pommy Ipsum Keep calm and pommy
Quijot Ipsum Lorem ipsum in Spanish
Quote Ipsum Uses quotations
RCPM Ipsum Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
Riker Ipsum William Riker Star Trek quotes.
Robot Ipsum Mechanized filler text generator
Samuel L. Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Mother-f*cking placeholder text
Santorum Ipsum Teabagged by some wayward balls
Savage Ipsum Macho Man Randy Savage ipsum
Schmipsum Fillter text from real sources
Scorpion Ipsum Snoopy Doggy Dog Ipsum
Seinfeld Ipsum The Lorem Ipsum generator about nothing.
SEO Ipsum A placement text for white and black hat seo
Skate Ipsum A gnarlier lorem ipsum generator.
Ski Ipsum Ipsum for Skiing Web Developers
Skyrim Ipsum For the Dovakhiin
Social Good Ipsum Smart dummy copy for people who give a damn
Space Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Space-themed
Spongebob Squarepants Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Choice quotes from TV show
Star Trek Ipsum star trek inspired placeholder text
Subterrane.com Lorem Ipsum Generator
Super Ipsum Faith-related alternative
Swanson Ipsum Ron Swanson, Parks & Recreation
Swearem Ipsum The sweary placeholder text generator
Time Cube Ipsum You can not comprehend the actual paragraphs in a single rotation of Earth
Tina Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Generator filled with quotes from yours truly, Tina Belcher.
Trollem Ipsum Having trouble finding the right words?
Tuna Ipsum A fisher lorem ipsum generator
Tupac Ipsum Tupac Shakur
TV Ipsum A Unique Ipsum Text Generator Using TV Theme Lyrics
TVIpsum.org From your favorite TV series
Twipsum the fresh/relevant/inappropriate dummy text generator
Twipsum turn your tweets into filler text
Ulysses Ipsum James Joyce's Ulysses Ipsum
United Ipsums Political jargon generator
Urban Ipsum Urban Dictionary
Vatican Assassin - Charlie Sheen Webmaster Favorite Lorem ipsum as the Lord intended
Vegan Ipsum
Veggie Ipsum Vegetarian lorem ipsum
Web 2.0 Ipsum Nonsensical Web 2.0 startup names
Whedon Ipsum Based on the works of Joss Whedon
White Space Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Placeholder text guaranteed not to distract from your design
Wiki Ipsum Ipsum that makes sense
Yoga Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Trendy placeholder text for trendy Yoga Mamas
Yolo Ipsum You only lorem once, that's the motto
Yorkshire Ipsum Generator For Yorkshire folks
Zombie Ipsum Webmaster Favorite Frightful filler for your damned designs
Zuckem Ipsum Turn your FPO into IPO