TV Ipsum


Today's ipsum generator is called TV Ipsum and it appears to slam lines from classic TV Show theme songs together. Some of the ones I recognized were Buck Rogers, Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, Different Strokes, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and Happy Days.

I like the old television graphic as the foundation for the user interface, but I was disappointed that the knobs and buttons did not control any parameters. Alas, the user only gets one option anyway and that is a paragraph count.

Here are my ideas for improvement:

  • Let the user decide which TV Shows to use in the generation (checkboxes)
  • Use the knobs on the TV graphic to control parameters
  • TV Show options by decade
  • More TV shows!

Although I watched a lot of these old TV shows as a child, this dummy text doesn't do much for me. You on the other hand, may find it perfectly cute and appropriate for your design.

TV Ipsum
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