This Ipsum Generator is No Longer Available. :(

Beer Ipsum


Well now that we've eaten our meat and vegetable ipsum, I think it's time we wash it down with some liquid placeholder-text. That's right! In keeping with the food and beverage theme we've got going, I found Beer Ipsum.

According to the website, it was created using a plugin written by Chris Jean or as I like to call him, The Bacon Ipsum Guy or The Veggie Ipsum Guy. This guy's plugin may very well keep me writing about Ipsum Generators for years to come. :)

Nothing exciting in the user interface; you get a paragraph count parameter and then it spits out beer and brew related words.

At this point, the right side of brain is thinking a "meal mashup generator" using a variety of these food & beverage generators. Think of it as ordering in a restaurant... "Why yes, my design would like to start off with a plate of vegetables followed by a main course of bacon. Then it would like to wash it all down with 12 pints of beer."

Beer Ipsum
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